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Kennett Symphony Children’s Chorus Job Description: ARTISTIC DIRECTOR

Supervised by: Kennett Symphony Board of Directors

Purpose of Position:  To develop and carry out artistic programming, collaborations and concerts that enhances the mission of the organization. 

Time Commitment: Salaried position.  Flexible hours: 1 evening a week during rehearsal/concert season and performance weekends


Chorus Mission:




1.  Promote the Chorus’ focus on its mission

  • Work with the Chorus, the Board, and volunteers to promote a positive atmosphere of community within the organization.

  • Network with other arts organizations, music directors, and community groups to increase the visibility of the Chorus and to encourage collaboration.


2. Design, coordinate, and direct Chorus programming (40%)

  • Organize an annual winter and spring performance, schedule outreach concerts, workshops, and tours 1-2 times in the season

  • Organize a rehearsal schedule at the beginning of each concert year with the School of Music

  • Communicate costume order, fall mailing, and rehearsal schedule with the Assistant to the Artistic Director for each fall and spring semester

  • Conduct auditions twice annually (May and January)

  • Design each concert performance including theme development and integration of guest artists, ensembles, soloists and visual elements.

  • Identify and hire workshop presenters for vocal clinics and other workshops.

  • Work with the School of Music for each concert program and venue management


3.  Manage administrative and artistic detail for outreach projects (25%)

  • Manage communication, logistics and planning details for rehearsals and performances

  • Network with Chester County area school administrators  and music teachers to promote Chorus at West Chester University.


4. Provide supervision for music-related staff and volunteers (15%)

  • Supervise the Accompanist.

  • Identify, coach, and supervise the activities of the School of Music interns

  • Communicate regularly with the Assistant to the Artistic Director 

  • Communicate monthly with the website coordinator

  • Communicate regularly with directors/staff


6.  Facilitate the work of the Music Committee (10%)

  • Identify concert themes and collaborations that support the chorus mission.  Research appropriate music for the upcoming season.

  • Ensure that current season music is selected and purchased prior to the start of the season and within the limits of the music budget identified by the bookkeeper.

  • Communicate with the Accompanist regarding the rehearsal list, tempos and other performance details


7.   Development and Finances (5%)

  • Approve staff salaries, internship scholarships, and accompanist salary annually.

  • Prepare annual budget in collaboration with the bookkeeper.


8.  Communicate regularly with the Chorus Board and other chorus leadership (5%)

  • Provide a monthly report to the KSO Board.

  • Communicate programming and collaborate with the music director of the Symphony


9. Participate in professional development

  • Participate in professional organizations:  American Choral Director’s Association, OAKE, PMEA, etc.

  • Maintain and update professional competence by attending workshops, classes and conferences. 

  • Review new choral works and recordings; read professional journals.

  • Attend concerts of other choral organizations.



Required Experience, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:


  • BA or Advanced Degree in Music with an emphasis in choral conducting or equivalent conducting experience (minimum 4-6 years).

  • Experience conducting or working with a community-based chorus and with singers of various musical skills and experience.

  • Interest in and commitment to embracing the mission the Chorus.

  • Ability to offer strong leadership skills as well as to balance work within a team setting.

  • Flexibility in working with a diverse group of volunteers and personalities.

  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal.

  • An ability to work within electronic mediums: word, e-mail, internet and google forms/google docs.

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